Episode 3: Special Edition

How to Greet and Treat Customers: a Guide by Uta- Featuring Kaneki

How to Eat like a new Ghoul (a Guide by Kaneki) TW: ED

How to be Kaneki’s friend (a Guide by Hide)

How to Catch Kaneki’s Eye (a Guide by Rize)


tsukis: Uta or Kaneki? and a tiny bit of kaneki…

"I can live neither with you, nor without you."
Martial, Epigrams XII, 47 (his neck tattoo)

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Teke-Teke is the legend of a woman who comitted suicide by jumping onto the subway tracks and was cut in half. Her top-half became a ghost that crawls around cutting people in half with a scythe. Any of her victims are doomed to become Teke-Teke themselves, which means that…

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No way. I totally thought I was Senpai’s number one…


Free! Eternal Summer: Captain Rin Matsuoka EP 01

"The backstroke it’s actually my specialty. There’s not a single person in my hometown who hasn’t heard of me! By the way, the nickname they gave me is The Sea of Japan’s Sea Otter!”-Mikoshiba Momotarou

rin & eyebrow stuff in ep2


I asked out the boy that I liked, and he gave me his autograph.